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Shipping & Delivery

Our preferred method of getting trees to customers is to bring them to the Corvallis Winter Market for pick-up. There is no fee for this. We would like to meet you.

The market is on Saturdays from 9am to 1pm at the Benton County Fairgrounds on 53rd St. We will be there from January 15th to the last Saturday in March. We only require notification a minimum of two days in advance of the pick-up date.


Truck Deliveries

We still do truck deliveries in the Corvallis and Eugene areas. Our fee is $15, and this does not change with the number of trees ordered: it is the same for 1 tree as 100.


Our fee for truck deliveries to Portland, Salem + other locations will need to be arranged by phone.


UPS Deliveries

Our trees are usually too large to travel by UPS at a reasonable price, so we do very few of these. Such deliveries would need to be discussed over the phone.

Delivery Season

Our trees go into dormancy mid-December. After this time we begin digging and shipping them to Maritime Northwest locations. In April we start our end of season discount sale at Eugene Saturday Market.

Our best selection is available for orders received by early February when trees can still be dug from the nurse beds.


Please be sure to specify desired delivery date when you place an order.


If a tree doesn’t make it the first year, we will replace it the following year.

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